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NEW Alfur saddle with flexible tree

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NEW ALFUR saddle from Tölthester DK, a 3 in 1 saddle. With easy changing width of a flexible tree. The saddle is made of black quality EU leather with latex panels and knee bloks.

Weight: 5 kg

The saddle comes with latex panels, and are made out of very good EU leather on a flexible tree in a beautiful design.

The saddle has good knee blocks and flat seat, also in latex, witch give the rider a correct position on the horse and good contact with the horse.

The saddle has good width between the pannels, that allows the horses spine to move more freely.

The saddle has a very soft seat, witch makes the saddle a good choice for both riders in nature and in competition, if they are looking for a good saddle at low price.

This saddle has all you will find in other saddles that costs a lot more.

You can have the saddle in black and in sizes 16", 16,5", 17", 17,5" and 18,".

And it also comes with short knee blocks.


Lenght of  16,0" saddle = 43,0 cm.

Lenght of  16,5" saddle = 44,5 cm.

Lenght of  17,0" saddle = 45,5 cm.

Lenght of  17,5" saddle = 47,0 cm.

Lenght of 18,0" saddle = 48,0 cm.

Weight 6,0 kg

If saddle are not in stock, it will be home in 14 days.



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